By helping you identify your strengths

I work closely with you to understand and identify your strengths that can be further enhanced to help you achieve your goals

By helping you overcome your limiting beliefs

Our belief systems are the root cause of our behaviour and actions. Identifying and removing the beliefs that limit us enable us manifest our dream life with infinite success.

By helping you create a road map as per your desired life

By using the Japanese concept of IKEGAI we will discover your skill sets and life purpose and create a business model from the comfort of your home and make you financially free!

Get in touch with me for:

One on One Coaching

  • 4 sessions per month (one session per week)
  • 1 hour per session

Start with booking a discovery session with me for us to discover each other. Our relationship needs to be sanctified by FAITH and COMMITMENT. Both of us need to be sure we are well suited for each other to take this relationship further.

Once we begin our journey, I strongly recommend a three month commitment as positive results need both strategy and time.

Power Talks for your Company or Event

Sign me up for half day or full day sessions for your team and let me take them through self development fundamentals that will help them curate a life of their fulfilment.

Off-Site Retreats for Women

Connect with me for women only destination retreats with your girl tribe and experience 2 days of complete holistic makeover. From personal and spiritual enhancement to financial and materialistic breakthroughs, these two immersive days will help you discover your powers within and create the life you only thought existed in dreams.


My teachings are based on my own experiences backed by formal studies and certifications

As a woman, I understand your journey from your perspective and hand hold you accordingly

My mission is to empower one million women and create a tribe that will further empower more women and hence the chain of women supporting women will get stronger and bigger with time.

To continue this conversation and have an answer to all your queries, doubts, apprehensions and concerns, please connect with us on: or whatsApp to us on +91-9810273639