Gratitude Concepts by Ratika Seth

Hi there! My company Gratitude Concepts is the realisation of my dream – to spread smiles and transform lives. A certified Law of Attraction coach, NLP Practitioner and Angel Invocation expert, I use different tools and techniques to help my tribe achieve their desired results. My method of coaching comes from my own personal experiences and feats combined with scientific methods and strategies. It is my endeavour to help women harness their full potential to manifest their dream life.

Professionally, I also have a 25+ years experience in sales, marketing, brand building and consultancy which enables me help you start your financial journey. Since complete fulfilment means fulfilment in all areas of your life, being financially free forms an important aspect of your transformational journey.

My mission

I am on a mission to help women live their life of complete freedom, freewill and choice by transforming themselves into their most fulfilled version.